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Acropolis CarSurance

This is a unique motor insurance product offered by us and is a specially priced product with various unique offerings and is known as “Acropolis Assist Motor Policy

1. Road Rescue by Auto Assured:
* 24 hours Road Accident Rescue
* 24 hours Car Breakdown Rescue
* 24 hours Post theft assistance

*See terms and conditions for rescue services
includes liaising with police, pickup from spot, ambulance etc.
Mechanical & Electrical first aid, towing, flat tyre etc.
police report, arranging help if abandoned after carjacking etc.

2. Personal Accident: Accidental Death.

Kshs. 50,000/- per passenger Maximum Kshs. 250,000/-

3. Windscreen Cover

upto Kshs. 40,000/-

4. Radio/CD/Cassette player

upto Kss. 40,000/-

5. Third Party Property Damage

upto Kshs. 50,000,000/-

6. TP Bodily Injury and Death


7. Emergency medical cover

upto Kshs. 50,000/-

8. Authorised Repair Limit

upto Kshs. 50,000/-

9. Towing Charges

upto Kshs. 50,000/-

10. Passenger Legal Liability
     - Any 1 Passenger
     - Any 1 Event

upto Kshs. 50,000/-
upto Kshs. 100,000/-

11. Courtesy Car

up to 7 days maximum Kshs. 3,000/- per day

12. Geographical Extension

Kenya (East Africa where Comesa Card is sought)

13. Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion

Included as per the clause

14. Excesses:
Material Damage/ Partial Theft (OD)

Theft  - fitted with Car Tracking Device
          - fitted with anti theft Device
          - without any anti theft Device
Complete Re-Spray
New and/or Young Driver
Third Party Property Damage

2.5% of S.I. Subject to Min. Kshs 10,000/- Max. Kshs 40,000/-
Nil if insured is not blamed for causing the accident
10% of S.I. Subject to Min. Kshs 20,000/- Max. Kshs100,000/-
20% of S.I. Subject to Min. Kshs 20,000/-
Kshs 5,000/-
Kshs 5,000/-
Kshs 5,000/-

15. Extra Benefits:
     - Forced ATM withdrawal provided a claim is
       made under the Policy claim is made under
       the Policy.
     - Alternative Accommodation outside normal
       town of residence
     - Damage to toolkit, spare wheel, anti-theft
       device and locks
     - Loss of Insured's Personal Effects
     - Ambulance / Air Evacuation
     - Femina Cover for Lady Drivers/Owners
     - Critical Illness cover for the Insured

Kshs 10,000/-

Kshs 5,000/-

Kshs 20,000/- (Excess 10% of loss Minimum Kshs 3,000/-)
Kshs 5,000/- (in case of accident / theft)
Kshs 50,000/-
Kshs 25,000/-
Kshs 25,000/-

16.  Premium Benefits

No Blame, No Excess to be paid provided clearly stated on Police Abstract Report


Complete Re-Spray of vehicle in case of an accident or partial theft involving external damage subject to an excess of
Kshs 5,000/-


Cost of Re branding of vehicle in case of an accident or theft provided the sum Insured includes such cost


Replacement Cost for new manufactured vehicles less than 12 months old and accident free at the inception of cover

Note: Policy will be on Agreed Value Basis provided a valuation report from an Approved Valuer has been submitted.
Detailed coverage, terms and conditions as per the policy document.

ELIGIBILITY: Any vehicle which is less than 12 years old can be covered under this product.

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