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Advise us of the loss quickly.
If you discover any loss or damage whilst off-loading, and if possible, wait for a Loss Adjuster to be present.
Whenever goods are received but contents are not checked e.g. cartons, mark the Inland Consignment note to read ‘Contents not verified or checked’.
Whenever you receive goods which may be from Ex-Breakage Room or there are obvious shortages, insist that a Transporters Representative be present whilst the goods are checked.

The following documents are normally required:-
a) Original Marine Certificate/Policy/Cover Note.
b) Original or Non negotiable Bill of Lading.
c) Original Invoice(s) and Packing List.
d) Inland Transporters Consignment Note.
e) Por
t Documents e.g. Release Order, Port Charges, Port-Examination Voucher, if issued, etc.
f) Survey Report.
g) Correspondence exchanged with Third Parties.

Time/Monetary Limits For Recoveries.
Against Carrier - Within 3 days from date the goods left the hands of the Carrier if loss became apparent.  Claim to be submitted with documents within 12 months.  Time extension beyond 12 months is possible but with prior confirmation from the Carriers. Limit: Pounds 276 per package or 80 Pence per Kg.
Against Kenya Ports Authority - Shortages/Short Delivery or Damages - M.D to be notified in writing within 4 days upon receipt of goods by the consignee or person entitled to delivery.  A formal claim must be made with particulars within one month of such date. Limit:  Kshs 200/-.
Against Airlines - Notice must be given within 14 days from date of receipt of goods and in case of non delivery within 21 days from date when goods were supposed to be delivered.  Claim must be made within 2 years from date of arrival with no provision for time extension. Limit: US$ 20 per Kg.


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