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Insurance Products.

As Insurance Brokers, it is our pleasure to prepare and present to you these summaries of the Insurance which have been arranged by us with various Insurers on your behalf. Whilst we trust you will find the summary to be useful, we would stress the importance of reference to your policy documents which are, as you will be aware, evidence of the contracts between yourselves and your Insurers.  The information contained herein should be as a quick and easy reference with a view to outlining your Insurance programme.

When a problem does arise, we as Insurance Brokers, shall be pleased to discuss it with you as required. In effect, we suggest that we should be used as your Insurance Department, responsible for the systematic control of your various Insurance, ensuring that you enjoy essential cover in the most economic manner with the least onerous conditions and maximum security and giving every possible assistance in the negotiation of claims so that a prompt and just settlement may be obtained.

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APA Insurance Ltd

APA Insurance Ltd.

Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Ltd

Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Ltd.

Heritage Insurance Company Ltd

The Heritage Insurance Company Ltd.

Kenindia Assurance Company Ltd

KenIndia Assurance Company Ltd.

The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Ltd

The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Ltd.

UAP Insurance Company Ltd

UAP Insurance
Company Ltd.


GA Insurance Ltd.

Auto Assured Ltd

Assured Ltd.

  • Condition of Average [Click Here]

    We would like to draw your attention to the condition of average under your various policies.

    When a sum insured is declared to be subject to average, if the property covered thereby shall break out of any fire or at the commencement of any other peril thereby insured against be collectively of greater value than such sum insured, then you shall be considered as being your own Insurer for the difference and shall bear a rateable share of the loss accordingly.

    The effect of the condition is to make the Insured who is not fully covered bear a rateable proportion (or prorata share) of every loss that he suffers.  He is entitled to recover only such a proportion of his loss as the sum insured by his policy bears to the collective value of the property covered. For example, if he insures for only half the value of the property at risk he will be entitled to recover only one half of his loss, whatever that loss may be as follows:-

    Sum Insured:
    Actual Value at Risk:
    Amount of Loss:
    Insurers Pay:

    KES. 500,000
    KES. 1,000,000
    KES. 250,000
    KES. 500,000 X KES. 250,000 / KES. 1,000,000 = KES. 125,000
    KES. 125,000

  • Reinstatement Basis of Settlement [Click Here]

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