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Notify the Director of Occupational Safety & Health Services within 24 hours in writing for any Fatal Injuries and within 7 days in case of other Injuries.
Forward all the Medical Bills.
Claims for compensation must be settled within 90 days from date of lodging the claim by the Director.  The Director must pay the employee within 30 days of receiving the amount from the Employer/Insurer.
Ensure that an Incident Report has been made and signed by the Supervisor and at least two witnesses when the incident is still fresh in their minds.  This information is very useful.  For all Companies having employees in excess of 20 employees, they must constitute a Health and Safety Committee.   Whenever an employee is injured, the Committee must send their Report.
Do not enter into any correspondence with any Third Parties.

Advise us immediately of any event likely to give rise to a claim.
Complete a Claim Form and forward this to us as quickly as possible.
All correspondence received from the claimant should be forwarded to us unacknowledged.

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